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Gallery - Faith Lutheran Preschool asked our parents: How has you child grown academically, socially and spiritually?  Our parents said...

-His interest in learning and attention span has grown, which makes learning at home so much easier.  He remembers to pray for people who are sick, and I think that's because you are doing it at Preschool. :)  He has been noticing helpful and kind behavior vs. the opposite behavior a lot lately.

-Academically, I am amazed!  I never expected him to know all that he does but, it shows me how much he was taught and exposed to.  Socially, also amazed. I believe the small class size and loving environment made a HUGE difference.  Spiritually, he memorized the Lord's Prayer and is bringing his spirituality into our home. Such joy!

-My child is more articulate and recognized words and numbers more accurately.

-He has a much better understanding of ABC's! He loves sharing what he's learning and relating to everyday activities.

-She can count to 110 without help!  She has made great friends!

-His phonics and writing abilities have improved immensely!  He is sound out words and writing me notes! :) Spiritually, I feel that he has a better understanding of God's Word and how it applies to him.  He's even paying attention in church. :)

-She is very comfortable and confident about her letters and numbers! She truly enjoys everyone at school and is friends with everyone.  I lover her knowledge of the Bible stories and reminding herself of the Fruit of the Spirit when she gets upset over something.

-I have seen a lot of growth in following classroom expectations, (preparing for kindergarten), making friends and became more outgoing.

-Growth in his speech, self esteem, knowledge and is always singing!

-Her counting and letter recognition have improved a lot.  She is also incorporating Bible stories and songs into everyday situations.

-He comes home counting and singing!

-Grown by leaps and bounds in all three areas.  The patience and love modeled in teaching has greatly benefitted my child.

-He is much more focused and I feel he has been well prepared for kindergarten.

-He talks about Jesus a lot and loves to lead us in prayer.  He loves to share things he has learned and is counting and learning his letter and colors.

-She has grown a lot in her interest in learning and that has been really fun to see.  I have also seen growth socially/emotionally.  Spiritually, she expresses an interest an interest in knowing more about God and the Bible.

-She has become more social, her speech has improved, she's learned her ABC's and counting, and prays out loud for our family regularly.

-Growth in name recognition, entire alphabet sounds and recognition.  A lot of science, talking & singing songs about God, also improvement in art, coloring, scissors, waiting in line, and interacting with friends.

-He has grown so much more than I expected!  He has come home many days and shared in length about the lessons.  He learned liquid turning to a solid.  He could tell us just about word for word about the Bible story.

-She has learned a lot about God.

-His handwriting has improved a lot this year!  Spiritually, this school has opened up a new door for him and he is very eager to explore and learn more.

-He has mastered counting to 20+, solidified his left and right.  Improved on learning to participate in instruction, increased motor control and learned to be a better friend.

-She doesn't talk much about what she does at school, but we have noticed her number recognition and letter recognition has increased and also colors.

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