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Hello Preschool/Pre-K Families!


I hope this letter finds you healthy and safe. We are all missing our friends and keeping you in our daily thoughts and prayers. As most of you may know, on April 6th, Governor Inslee has ordered traditional K-12 onsite education to not continue through the end of the 2019-20 school year. Although we are Preschool/ Pre-K, we are going to continue to follow their lead in recommendations/ instructions. This is sad news for us all, but your health and safety are our #1 Priority! Our hope is when the dust settles and we get back to “normal” we will try to organize a get together for each class to celebrate your kiddo’s school year and reunite them with their classmates and teachers. It’s really difficult to project a date at this point, but as soon as I know, you will! ☺️ If you have any questions, please let me know, I'm always a phone call away!

Your Preschool Director, Laura R.

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We are continuing to register for our

2020-21 School Year during this time of shut down. If you would like to submit a registration, please call (509-888-3316) or send to:

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You can also email me at I will continue to check messages/mail on a reglular basis. If you have any questions, pleast let me know!

Laura Rosentrater, FLP Director

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Faith Lutheran Preschool is an educationally, play-based Christian preschool preparing our students for a lifelong love of learning and successful kindergarten readiness.


Our curriculum, Opening the World of Learning promotes independent, small and large group learning through hands on learning.  Open Court Sound Spelling cards uses visual, auditory and kinetic learning.  Voyages, our Bible curriculum, shows us how much Jesus loves us!

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Our Christian staff is dedicated to providing a positive, encouraging, classroom environment to build a community of learners as they play, work, learn, and grow together.

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