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About Us

Mrs. Squires with her students in a small group. A check in board is available for each of the students.

Faith Lutheran Preschool - Founded in 2009 - We are all friends here at Preschool/Pre-K!

Faith Lutheran Preschool Mission Statement:  The mission of Faith Lutheran Preschool is to provide a safe, Christ-centered learning environment where children are spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically nurtured by a dedicated Christian staff through an academic and Christian curriculum.


Our Vision - Taking into account all learning styles, our goal is to have a well- planned, hands on, high quality, play-based preschool program for children ages 3-5yrs., that will provide a solid, coherent foundation for later learning in kindergarten and beyond.  We seek to inspire confidence in our students through our classroom routine and structure, our learning environment and activities, peer presentation, learning to work independently, and also work effectively in small and large group learning/settings.

Our Values- By providing a nurturing and loving environment, we are "growing" our students in academic readiness; socially in how to be a good friend & team mate to others in work and play; emotionally by understanding our emotions/feelings and our expressions, self regulation, problem solving, forgiveness, and having empathy for others; physically through exercise, free play and music and movement; and most of all, spiritually, by learning about Jesus' love for us and in how we treat, love and respond to others in His image.

Affiliation - Faith Lutheran Preschool is a ministry of Faith Lutheran Church. Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Northwest District. Our belief: As Christians, the Lutheran faith is centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ.  We believe that in the Triune God, God the Father in heaven, God the Son and His name is Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit, three in one.  We believe that the Son of God became a human being to suffer and die for the sins of the world so that all who believe in Him will not perish but through His substitution for us on the cross we are given forgiveness and eternal life. We believe in sharing the love of Jesus with all.

Faith Lutheran Preschool
171 Eastmont Ave.
East Wenatchee, WA

Our Program

Throughout this school year your child will be given the opportunity to grow and develop in a variety of enriching experiences and learning opportunities.  We will lovingly challenge and nurture students our students in their knowledge and experiences in the following areas:






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